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Music and Writing: Guest Post by K. Williams for #MusicTuesday

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a guest for #MusicTuesday, and I’m very happy to have K. Williams today. ———————————————————————————————————- Music and Writing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Until recently, I thought I was the … Continue reading

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Why I Adore #MondayBlogs, and Why You Might Too

It all started so innocuously. About a year ago, I saw a tweet from an author friend with a link to her latest blog post. I can’t recall what the post was about, but I noticed that she used the … Continue reading

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Write What You Mean: A Lesson from Ancient Petroglyphs

While traveling in the American Southwest the other day, my family went on a guided tour of a rocky park where we were able to view ancient petroglyphs dating to Pueblo tribes from the 1400s. It was an experience I … Continue reading

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Writers and Hollywood Dreams

As a writer, I can’t help dreaming about having one—or more—of my novels made into a film. And I know I’m not alone. Just go on the Listopia section of Goodreads and you’ll discover that one of their most popular … Continue reading

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Miracles Happen: #MusicTuesday Guest Post by Anesa Miller

Please welcome poet and novelist Anesa Miller to my blog today. This is a really beautiful post, and I’m grateful to Anesa for sharing it. —————————————————————————————————- You mean they didn’t fly off the shelves, after all? Way back in a … Continue reading

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How Did THAT Slip In? The Subconscious Realities that can Sneak into Novels

I’ve completed and published two novels, while a third is currently being revised. All three stories involve women of various ages figuring out their lives and what they really want. Which I guess makes sense, as I feel like I’m … Continue reading

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Author Ina Zajac on Creating Characters, Spirituality, Domestic Violence & More

Today, I’m so happy to feature one of my favorite new authors, Ina Zajac, on the blog. Ina’s novel, Please, Pretty Lights is a gritty story about a woman’s search for love and happiness in a world that has let … Continue reading

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Interview with Author February Grace

MR: Today, I’m very excited to have the lovely and talented February Grace as a guest on my blog. February, would you tell my readers a bit about yourself? FG: Hi! I’m February Grace, a writer, artist, poet, stargazer, and … Continue reading

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A Nod to the Screenwriters who Wrote for Robin Williams

When it comes to actors, Robin Williams was about as perfect as they come. If an actor’s job is to breathe humanity into a character who starts out as nothing more than words on a page, then Mr. Williams did … Continue reading

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A Different Type of Travel Writing

A friend recently told me she was going to be spending a brief period of time alone in New York City. She and her husband would be going there together for a weekend, but the husband needed to head home … Continue reading

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