Interview with Author February Grace

Kitty and me 2013

February & Kitty, 2013

MR: Today, I’m very excited to have the lovely and talented February Grace as a guest on my blog. February, would you tell my readers a bit about yourself?

FG: Hi! I’m February Grace, a writer, artist, poet, stargazer, and certified eccentric who lives in Southeast Michigan, where it is much too cold for my liking most of the year. I’ve been lucky enough to publish three novels with Booktrope to date: GODSPEED (Steampunk/Romance) OF STARDUST (Fantasy/Romance) and IN STARLIGHT (the sequel to OF STARDUST.) Both books are now available together as an eBook set called ONE WISH: The OF STARDUST COLLECTION. I feel very wish of stardust collection cover for promo

MR: So Would you say that IN STARLIGHT and OF STARDUST are a series?

FG: No, they were never intended to be a series, and won’t be. I wouldn’t have likely gone through with publishing a sequel if so many readers (especially on Wattpad!) hadn’t asked me for one. I had written and wanted to tell the story, they wanted to read it, and the rest is history! So the two books tell the entire story of Gus and Till: Fairy Godparents for the 21st Century.

MR: Wow, that’s very cool about readers on Wattpad asking you to write a sequel. And even cooler of you to comply! So what genres do you most enjoy writing in? And although I know you write novels and prose, do you ever write poetry?

FG: I prefer writing romance: love is the central theme running through everything I write. The setting of those romances can vary wildly, though. From simple modern love stories to literary romance with Steampunk embellishments to magical modern fairy tales. I love to genre-hop.

I actually wrote poetry before I wrote almost anything else (even as a child) and it is still my great love. I’d love to do a book of short stories and poetry one day.

I have been lucky enough to have several poems published in literary magazines; in fact the first time I was ever published, The Rusty Nail literary magazine picked up two of my prose pieces and three poems. So I will always have a very soft spot in my heart for them! Anyone who is interested can read some of my poetry over on my blog: just click on the Poetry tab at the top.

MR: Well, congratulations on the publications! And this is probably a good time to give readers the link to your blog, which is at

You’ve obviously been writing for quite a while. When did you first realize that this is what you wanted to do?

FG: I was telling stories before I could write and was a very early reader (age 2– thanks, Grandma!) In fourth grade, I was given an extra-credit assignment to watch film clips of fairy tales and rewrite the endings. (Thank you, Miss Eiselman, wherever you are!) From then on, I was always writing something, somewhere, in some shape or form and I’ve rarely stopped since.

MR: Sounds like you were born writing!

Here’s another question. Many authors I know (including myself) fantasize about our books being made into movies. Which of your books (if any) would you most like to see on the big screen? Any thoughts on actors you’d like to play the main roles?

FG: Oh yes, I’ve dreamed that dream LOL. I would love to see GODSPEED as a film, and always imagined Ewan McGregor as the doctor himself (if only, right?!) Seriously, though, he was the face I pictured on Quinn while writing the book, so that would be the absolute ultimate. I imagine a fresh unknown as Abigail, yet to be discovered… and I think that Dan Stevens would make an amazing Schuyler Algernon.

I can also see OF STARDUST and IN STARLIGHT being combined into one screenplay for a movie, and I have an idea who I’d love to cast as Gus but I don’t want to spoil my readers’ idea of him by saying who that is!

MR: I understand that sentiment. Several times, I’ve seen movies based on books and have been shocked at the filmmaker’s interpretation of a character’s appearance. Although in the end, I usually reach the conclusion that the filmmaker made a good choice.

So let’s switch this up again. Do you have any pets? Or have a favorite type of animal?

FG: I love cats and dogs, if I were healthier I’d have a little dog of one kind or another (a rescue, definitely).

I have a ten year old kitty who was a rescue, we’ve had him since he was eight months old and he is my constant companion. Through all the surgeries I’ve had he’s never left my side during recovery; including during a time when I had to sleep in a chair sitting up for months on end. He slept in my lap every night. He is my baby.

MR: He sounds pretty special and is adorable too. I know some people think cats can be aloof, but I’ve never had an aloof cat. On the contrary, I think many of them have a way of knowing when we’re down or not feeling well and do their best to comfort us.

OK, here’s my final question. Do you collect anything? And if so, why?

FG: I collect too many things to name, really, but mostly lately what I like to collect the most are memories. Because stuff is just… stuff and the more you get the more weighed down you get. Memories can be safely stored away without taking up any physical space, and called upon again and again when you’re having a rough time. Yes, memories are definitely my favorite collectable these days :~)

Thank you so much for having me!

MR: Thank you, February, for being my guest today. It’s been great chatting and getting to know you better. Readers, if you’d like to check out February’s books, they’re all available on Amazon and at select bookstores. Here’a a link to her Amazon page, where you can learn more about her various works.



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  1. jan says:

    I’ve read February’s enchanting stories on Wattpad where she is one of the most popular authors – would be tons of fun to see them adapted to the big screen! Best of luck with the series promotion! I hope it goes well – Jan


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