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Kurt Cobain, Leaving the Beach, and Meeting the Best Guy Ever

The best way to begin this story is to go back to a Saturday night in April of 1994—April 23rd, to be exact—about two weeks after Kurt Cobain’s suicide. The news of his death had shaken me pretty deeply, as, … Continue reading

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When Life Imitates Fiction: A Maine Encounter with Taylor Hanson

Do you ever find that when you write a fictional scene, a similar event will happen in your real life? It’s happened to me a few times. Never the exact same thing, but something close enough to make me wonder … Continue reading

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A Different Type of Travel Writing

A friend recently told me she was going to be spending a brief period of time alone in New York City. She and her husband would be going there together for a weekend, but the husband needed to head home … Continue reading

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LEAVING THE BEACH! New Title, Release Date, and Cover Too!

Hi Readers, Today I’m very excited to reveal some new information about my book (formerly known as GRUNGE.) As many of you know, I’ve been working on this story for years now. It features a lonely bulimic woman named Erin, … Continue reading

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Will this Cold Kill Off the Mosquitoes?

If you know me well or have ever spent a summer evening with my family, then you probably know about my fear of mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. I’m not concerned for my own health; as an adult, I … Continue reading

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