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Book Review: Songs From the Phenomenal Nothing by Steven Luna

I liked Songs From the Phenomenal Nothing by Steven Luna from the very first page. Tyler, the main character, is extremely believable as a grieving teenager trying to figure himself out. His mom died recently; he’s a gifted musician in … Continue reading

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How I Got Rid of my Eating Disorder—for Good

Eating disorders (EDs) were introduced to me through a magazine article I read in high school. The article was about models suffering from anorexia and bulimia, and its obvious goal was to instruct on the dangers of these illnesses. But … Continue reading

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A Little Hemingway Quote for a Thursday Morning

Someone asked me recently about my favorite quote, and although a whole bunch came to mind–mostly ones about persevering and holding fast to your dreams–one floated to the top of the heap, so here it is: There’s always more to … Continue reading

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