Two Oars Cutting the Water

The great Duke Miller writes about love. Wow. Reblogged from Tin Hats.

tin hats

(Dedicated to Teresa and Marshall.)

I have never loved until now.  For years the word scarcely escaped my lips.  Women would wait and still they waited until I was no more.  In my family I only used it with my father, mother, and one of my grandmothers.  As to my sisters, the word just didn’t seem right.  Was a brother meant to love his sisters? Of course, but I was an idiot back then.  I could not see, since my eyes had been poked out with burned sticks at Christmas.

I spoke love to one of my grandmothers. Nanny was a religious woman, a piano player, and born of the depression and because I had asthma and the air was clean in the tiny town where she lived, I’d visit in the autumn and spring.  I could roam freely down the limestone rock streets.  Sometimes the tornadoes came and we…

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About Mary Rowen

My three published novels, LEAVING THE BEACH (a 2016 IPPY Award winner), LIVING BY EAR, and IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY focus on women figuring out who they are and what they want from life. Music and musicians have a way of finding their way into the stories. I live in the Boston area with my family and pets.
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6 Responses to Two Oars Cutting the Water

  1. judithworks says:

    Lovely, just lovely
    Thanks for posting.

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    • Mary Rowen says:

      It really is, Judith, and I’m grateful to Duke for writing and sharing it with the world. How are you doing? I miss you and my other BT friends. Have you republished your books?


      • judithworks says:

        The memoir, Coins in the Fountain, was republished. I haven’t done anything with the novel because it needs rewriting and I’m working on another novel now. How about you?

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  2. Mary Rowen says:

    Congratulations on the repub, Judith! I haven’t done anything with the two BT novels, but have finished the one I was working on last spring. Not sure where anything’s going at the moment. 🙂


    • Duke Miller says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for republishing this piece of writing. The content is different, but it finally dawned on me that love and pain go hand in hand. I think it takes a great, great sadness for some of us to realize that and so it was with me. Hope you are well and you are laying each word down in a true line. As for me, I have tried to replace the sea with the mountains and I walk everyday with my dogs and a hill has become the shore, and the wind the waves, but the sun remains the same. Mexico struggles with a new history, but without the romance of upheavals that shake the world. Where is all of this going? I might have found love, but I have lost hope. So my depression is caught, hoovering there between two giant magnets. Oh well, have you noticed that we are always alive? Only the others die. Take care, your true and honest servant. Duke

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      • Mary Rowen says:

        Duke, I’m sorry to hear about your great sadness and depression. May some sunlight shine through every day until the clouds lift. I’ve never thought of love being so closely linked to pain before, and when I was younger, I’m sure I wouldn’t have believed it. But I believe it now. As for hope, please try to hang onto that, Duke. Hope is real, and when you combine it with love, well, that seems like the first step out of the darkness.

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