Tips to Keep Your Feline Companion Healthy

gray cat green eyesHi Readers! Today, I’m very pleased to welcome guest blogger Jordan Walker. Like me, Jordan is very passionate about animals. He has written several contents about this subject as the lead content curator for Coops and Cages, and was kind enough to offer a post for my blog. In this article, he gives tips on how your cat should be maintained to ensure their good health. So without further ado, here’s Jordan!


For many cat lovers out there, we don’t just consider our feline companions as pets but more like as a family. As such, we want them to have the best health possible for a long and happy life. So, here are tips to ensure that your “furry family” will have the good life they truly deserve:

Safety is Always a Priority

One of your major responsibilities in ensuring the safety of your feline family is to cat-proof your house. Many of our household items pose threat to the health and safety of our cats.

Since cats are very curious by nature, make sure that nothing risky will catch their attention. For example, a dangling electrical cord will surely attract your cat, and this may have devastating consequences. Close your washer; keep them away from your gas range, and basically make sure that your cat can safely roam, explore and play inside your house.

Keeping your cats indoors might be best for them since there are several elements and other animals outside that may be hazardous to your cat. However, if your cat is already used to the great outdoors, you will have to ask your veterinarian for ways to help your cat transition to the comforts of the indoors. In case you need to walk him outside or transfer him to another location, use a leash or a carrier.

tiger cat with bowlHealthy Diet is Essential

Although it can be very tempting to turn your cat into a cuddly ball of fur, an overweight cat tends to have a shorter lifespan.

Ask your vet for nutritious cat food and treats, and seek advice on the proper amount and frequency of feeding. Also, provide them with fresh and clean water every time.

tiger cat closeupSpay or Neuter Your Cat

Animal shelters receive animals on a daily basis – those which are lost, homeless, or have been abandoned. You can help avoid this by having your cat spayed or neutered.

This will not only lessen the population of unwanted cats but also bring about other benefits. For one, studies have shown that a spayed or neutered pet has lower risk for cancer. Also for cats, this decreases their tendency to roam; thus, the risk of them getting lost is at a minimum or can be avoided completely.

puffy catAdequate Exercise and Time

Like most other animals, cats need to have adequate exercise. Not because they are indoors, they are to be deprived of any outdoor activity. While most cats love to entertain themselves, regular play sessions with them will provide them enough physical and mental stimulation.

Give them safe toys and scratch-post to keep them busy when they are not grooming themselves or asleep in their nook. You can also let them play with other animals as long as they are safe. Nonetheless, the best thing you can give your furry friend is some love and quality time. A simple cuddling session after a day’s work can be very comforting for both of you.

cat on floorProper Grooming is a Must

Regardless of your cat’s fur length, it needs regular grooming and brushing to keep their skin and coats healthy. This will also prevent matting and reduce hairball formation and shedding. Contrary to common knowledge, cats can actually be bathed. The earlier you introduce them to bathing, the easier they will adapt to it. Additionally, have their claws clipped to prevent these from growing into their paws.

Regular grooming will also give you an opportunity to check for skin conditions, injuries, lumps and even fleas. Fleas are definitely a nuisance which can cause skin irritation, hair loss, infection, etc. Also, all it takes is one swallowed flea for your cat to have tapeworms, which is a very common internal parasite. If you are having a major problem with flea or worm control, talk with your vet.

cat teethYes, They Also Need Dental Care

Dental problems – abscess, tooth loss, tooth pain, gum disease – are common in many animals, and your cat is not an exemption.

Studies have shown that about 70% of cats start to show signs of dental problems by age three. The good news is, this is preventable. Through regular brushing or oral cleaning, your cat’s teeth are kept strong and healthy.

cat at vetRegular Veterinary Checks are Vital

You may never know that there is something wrong until your cat starts to show signs of a problem. With regular visits to your veterinarian, you can ensure that your cat’s health is maintained and receives the necessary vaccinations. Regular check-ups will also help detect possible problems in their earliest stage so that appropriate solutions are employed before these become worse.

Having a cat as part of your family comes with certain responsibilities. Like any other pet, your feline companion requires love, safe environment, proper nutrition, time and veterinary care. Ensuring that all these are properly met will provide your furry family with a long and healthy life he will surely enjoy to the fullest.


Author: Jordan Walker

jordanwalkerJordan is the lead content curator for Coops And Cages as well as a couple of other pet related blogs. His passion for animals is only matched by his love for ‘attempting’ to play the guitar. If you would like to catch him, you can via Twitter: @JordanWalker82

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7 Responses to Tips to Keep Your Feline Companion Healthy

  1. Ralph says:

    My cats would tear me to shreds if I tried to give them a bath, but they do love to be wiped down with a sheet from a kitchen roll, as it’s imprinted on them when I used sheets to dry the rain off them when they were kittens 😀 ❤


  2. I had to put my 16-year-old cat down last week, but the vet noted how much I had done right over the course of his life that allowed him to live so long.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mary Rowen says:

    Oh Jeri, I’m so, so sorry. That is such a hard thing to do–our pets are family. Hugs to you. I imagine it must help with the pain a bit to know that you were a great friend and parent to your kitty. xo



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