Launch Day for Leaving the Beach! It’s Finally Here from Booktrope Editions!

high res coverI’m thrilled and a little nervous to announce that my book, Leaving the Beach has finally launched in both paperback and e-book versions. This is a huge day for me, as the book is the product of years (and years!) of writing, revising, workshopping, and rewriting.

It’s hard to believe that this story I started thinking about the night I first met my husband is now a book. It’s also hard to get my head around the knowledge that Erin Reardon is now able to walk out into the world and tell the story she’s been keeping a secret for so long.

If you haven’t read my posts about it before, here’s the blurb from the back cover:

Meet Erin Reardon, a lonely bulimic woman who believes she’s fated to save grunge music superstar Lenny Weir. Forget the fact that Lenny reportedly killed himself several years earlier; Erin’s not the only fan to believe his death was a hoax, a last-ditch effort by the drug-addled musician to reclaim his privacy. And Erin has felt a special bond with Lenny for years. So when she gets picked up hitchhiking by a mysterious man who resembles Lenny physically, she makes some quick assumptions. After all, he has extensive knowledge of the music industry, there’s a guitar in his trunk, and he has issues with drugs. She’s finally about to fulfill her destiny…

And here’s what Kirkus Reviews has to say about LTB:

The book gracefully grapples with several important issues, including alcohol and drug addiction, loss, grief and sexuality. It also offers a unique look at an eating disorder from the sufferer’s perspective, describing bulimia frankly and graphically. However, there are also many entertaining pop-culture references to offset the weighty themes. Music lovers, in particular, will appreciate the very specific rock trivia that the author cleverly provides throughout the story. An intriguing novel that looks at the ways that people cope with the pain in their lives. —Kirkus Reviews

There are lots and lots of other reviews on the Amazon page, so if this book sounds like your kind of thing, please check it out here.

Many, many thanks to my incredible agent April Eberhardt for believing in this story and bringing it to Booktrope for consideration. And I’ll never be able to thank Booktrope enough for making my dream of publishing Leaving the Beach a reality. I feel very blessed today.




About Mary Rowen

My novel LEAVING THE BEACH (a 2016 IPPY Award winner) is about music and obsession, and LIVING BY EAR focuses on divorce and following your passions. I live in the Boston area with my family, cat, and dog.
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7 Responses to Launch Day for Leaving the Beach! It’s Finally Here from Booktrope Editions!

  1. Congratulations! This is such an exciting moment in your writing career and I hope you cherish every second of it. And I hope Leaving the Beach is a tremendous success 🙂


  2. Mary Rowen says:

    Thank you, Meredith! It feels surreal. Thanks for your good wishes!


  3. jan says:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes! Sounds like you’ve done everything right and will be success. Jan


  4. Ruth Mancini says:

    Congratulations Mary. What an achievement. It looks like a great story.


  5. Congratulations, Mary! How exciting! I’m glad the Launch Party went well!


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